• Corona 2020-10-20 21:20

    By M.A. Saki and M. Garshasbi

    Leniency toward Covid-19 may prove tragic

    TEHRAN - Finally, Health Minister Saeed Namaki talked frankly about the lack of enough attention and diligence to contain the rapid spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • سخنگوی سابق وزارت خارجه فرانسه 2020-06-26 01:28

    Former French Foreign Ministry spokesman says EU has strong attachment to maintaining JCPOA

    IAEA vulnerable to members with political motives: former French diplomat

    TEHRAN – Iran has reacted strongly to the adoption of a resolution by the IAEA Board of Governors, saying it was drafted by the European trio (France, Germany and Britain) under a pressure from the United States and Israel.

  • Sima Alipour 2020-06-13 17:13

    By Faranak Bakhtiari

    From suicide to happiness: meet Iran’s mother of brides

    TEHRAN – Sima Alipour, a 26-year-old girl, is called Iran’s mother of brides. A couple of years ago, she felt totally lost in the pitch blackness and decided to die, but a sparkle of hope enlightened her life so that she has helped so far hundreds of financially-struggling couples to start married life.