Official Denounces U.S. Ploys Against Iran

August 16, 2003 - 0:0
NEISHABOUR, Khorasan Province -- Director General of the Khorasan Intelligence Department Mehdi Mousavi said here Wednesday that 11 satellite TV channels based in the United States are staging anti-Iran propaganda.

By allowing the TV channels, the United States is supporting ploys against the Iranian system; he noted adding that the U.S. is after creating division between the Iranian people and officials.

Mousavi said the officials have to consider the social realities and avoid words and deeds that may be used as pretexts by enemies to launch anti-Iran propaganda.

The official was critical of the performance of the media circles which he said have created a somber image of the Islamic Republic. He touched on the directives given by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei who named the current Iranian year as "the year of rendering service to the people."

Mousavi said the U.S. is not afraid of the nuclear breakthroughs of Iran but it is afraid of the strong unity between the people and officials adding that the United States is after launching a psychological war on the Islamic Republic to bring it to its knees.

He called on the Muslim ummah to remain vigilant vis-a-vis the ploys hatched by the global arrogance as it is after sowing the seeds of discord among the people.

The weak pillars of the economic, political and cultural infrastructures of the United States were revealed with the September 11, 2001 hijacked airliner mid-air attacks against the U.S. major cities New York and Washington, he said.

Mousavi commented on the developments in Iraq and Afghanistan saying the United States attacked Afghanistan to cover up its internal problems.

In Iraq, he said, the U.S. forces have created many problems with the Iraqis continuing to face many challenges and hardships.

He warned about the divisive behaviors and actions by some individuals and groups in the country and called for unity to suppress threats to nation.

The promotion of the rule of law, he asserted, would contribute to a strong unity and solidarity among the masses.

He said the factional aspirations should not be given more attention than the genuine national interests and added that if the political camps and factions set aside their discrepancies, national unity would be promoted.

Proper measures and efforts to promote the national unity and solidarity among masses are now of critical importance, he said.

The achievements of the Islamic revolution are so numerous that the poisonous propaganda of the western media can do nothing to make the Iranian people ignore them, concluded Mousavi.