Iran, Iraq presidents’ positive views have great impacts on mutual ties

July 30, 2007 - 0:0

SANANDAJ (IRNA) -- A senior member of political bureau of Iraq's Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) said that the positive views of the Iranian and Iraqi presidents have wonderful impacts on expansion of bilateral relations.

Mulla Bakhtiar in a meeting with the governor general of Iran's Kurdestan Province and his accompanying delegation in Sulaymaniah said that official opening of Bashmagh border crossing would lead to further promotion of mutual ties. The senior PUK member added that Bashmagh border crossing as the entrance gate for Iran to Iraqi market, was a good pattern for development of economic and social relations in the Middle East region. Mulla Bakhtiar also pointed to the effective role of Iran in the region and positive effects of Iran-U.S. talks on Iraq's security. He added that Iran has proved on the scene of international relations that it always cooperates with the regional states for combating terrorism. On his part, Governor General of Iran's Kurdestan Province Ismail Najjar said that official opening of Bashmagh border point is one of important ratifications of an Iranian cabinet session in Sanandaj. He also described it as a turning point in the bilateral relations. Najjar said that Iran seeks to help the Iraqi nation as well as Iraqi Kurdish people and official opening of the Bashmagh border crossing is in line with continuation of Iran's assistance. He further added that organizing border affairs would lead to the regional security and expansion of economic, social, cultural, and educational relations