Iraq'sSunni figure dismisses anti-Iran allegations

July 30, 2007 - 0:0

DAMASCUS (IRNA) -- A distinguished Sunni figure living in southern Iraq Sheikh Khalid Abd al-Wahab al-Molla refuted as ""false and fabricated"" reports that Iran had a role in sabotage operations in Iraq and interferes in the Arab country's internal affairs.

""Those leveling such allegations against Iran are loyalists of the toppled regime of Saddam Hussein and its anti-Iran ideologies,"" said al-Molla in an interview with IRNA. Al-Molla, who is in charge of Iraq Ulama Organization in southern Iraq, said such claims need to be substantiated with clear and firm proof and evidence. ""They accuse Iran but keep mum when asked about the subversive role of the U.S., UK, and the Zionist regime in Iraq,"" he added. Elsewhere in the interview, Sheikh al-Molla said the ""tyrannical war"" of Saddam's regime on Iran in the 1980s had not been waged upon the Iraqi nation's consent