Zendegani wants to give believable portrayal of Solomon (AS)

September 19, 2007

TEHRAN -- “I am doing my best to play the role of Solomon (AS) in the most believable way,” Iranian actor Amin Zendegani, who stars in the feature film “Kingdom of Solomon”, said on Monday.

It is a hard job to play the role of a prophet since they all had multidimensional personalities, he told the Mehr News Agency.
Although prophets are ahead of their time, they did not have unbelievable or strange characters, he observed.
People have a conceptual image of the prophets in their minds, and the actor should approach that image in his performance, he added.
Zendegani believes that the film script for “Kingdom of Solomon” is the most comprehensive reference for the actors since it was compiled from various books.
He went on to say that he intends to show new dimensions of Solomon’s life and character in his performance.
Director Shahriar Bahrani’s “Kingdom of Solomon” is being produced by the Farabi Cinematic Foundation. Mahmud Pakniyat, Hossein Mahjub, Arjang Amirfazli, and Elham Hamidi are the main members of the cast.
Amin Zendegani also starred in the TV series “Mokhtarnameh” as Moslem ibn Aqil, Imam Hussein’s representative to Kufa who was the first martyr of the events leading up to Ashura.