Russian envoywelcomes Iran’s cooperation for regional stability

August 21, 2008 - 0:0

TEHRAN (IRNA) -- Russian Ambassador to Tehran Alexander Sadovnikov said on Wednesday that Moscow welcomes Iran’s cooperation in restoring stability and security to the region.

In an exclusive interview with IRNA, he said it is quite natural that Iran as an important country in the region seeks establishment of peace and stability in the entire region.
Referring to the recent crisis in Caucuses region, he said “We know that Iran has good ties with Russia and Georgia and Moscow understands Tehran’s willingness to help normalize the situation in Caucuses.”
It is quite natural that Iran cannot ignore such significant and historical event, he said.
Referring to the historical background of developments in Caucasus region after collapse of ex-Soviet Union, he said the root cause of the recent conflict in South Ossetia lies in the nationalistic inclinations of Ossetian and Georgian ethnic groups.
Russia’s military interference in Georgia was a natural reaction to provocative actions taken by the Georgian government against Ossetian ethnic group in South Ossetia, he said.
Western media have launched a smear propaganda campaign to insinuate that Russia was not going to pull out its forces from Georgia, he said, adding that under the clause six of an agreement singed with France as rotating president of the European Union, “We are now withdrawing our forces from that region.”
“We cannot set a clear timetable for pulling out our forces because we now see some dubious acts being taken by the other side,” he said.
Silence of western media on the military assault of Georgian forces on the center of Ossetia and wide coverage of Russia’s response to the attack show to what extent they are coordinated in dealing with the issue, he said.
He expressed regret over loss of lives during the attack. Referring to one-sided allegations made by the U.S. secretary of state, he said “For the West it is not important who has initiated the war but what is important to them is that Russia has taken action.”
The world should not be dragged into another Cold War, he said and reiterated world peace should not be engendered.
Extremists and opportunists should not be given time to misuse weaknesses of world order, he said, adding that the issue must be resolved peacefully and justly with collaboration of such countries as Iran, he said.
International organizations should play a much more active role in bringing the belligerent sides to the negotiating table in order to settle their disputes through peaceful means and based on mutual respect, he said.
It is not possible to settle disputes through provocative acts or war, he underlined.
Russia is not an occupier and does not intend to do so, he said, adding that it is necessary that Russian peace keeping forces stay in South Ossetia even after withdrawal of Russian army from Georgia.