Persian-speaking countries to celebrate Noruz in Balkh

October 9, 2008

TEHRAN -- Three Persian-speaking countries of Iran, Tajikistan, and Afghanistan will be jointly celebrating Noruz in Balkh, Afghanistan.

Afghanistan’s Deputy Minister of Culture and Information Din Mohammad Rashedi Mobarez announced that the decision was made during the time when the presidents of the three countries recently met in Dushanbe.
He added, “The high-ranking officials will be taking part in the celebration and I ask that all the media make their best efforts to enhance the beauty of the celebration by use of their resources,” the Persian service of IRNA reported.
He announced that a joint Persian-language television network will also be established among the three countries, adding, “Compiling and editing the joint cultural programs through this network can help develop and strengthen ties between the people of Afghanistan, Iran, and Tajikistan.”
Every year follwing the collapse of the Taliban forces in Afghanistan, a special commission has been established to see that the Noruz Celebration is held with increasing grandeur. During the region of Taliban, celebrating Noruz was forbidden.
In Afghanistan, Noruz is traditionally observed as an annual attraction but is called the festival of the Red Flower Picnic.
During Noruz and the following month of April, the wide plains of northern Afghanistan bloom with hundreds of thousands of wild flowers including the red tulip, which is the basis for the name of the Red Flower Festival.
Afghans must be allowed to keep their traditions alive and celebrate their new year in line with their customs, making a point to observe the day with joy and paving the way for a new year of happiness, peace, friendship and reconciliation in their country.