One third of world drugs transited through Iran: police chief

February 19, 2009 - 0:0

TEHRAN – Based on recent statistics released by the United Nations…., one third of the drugs destined to international markets are transited through Iran, the national police chief announced on Wednesday.

Esmaeil Ahmadi Moqaddam said that Iran is the best and the shortest transit route for drugs to world markets as Iran has long borders with Afghanistan as the main drug producer in the world.
Iran seizes an average of 3 tons of drugs, including opium, morphine, and heroin every day, he said.
“No country in world has such a seizure,” he explained.
Ahmadi-Moqaddam added that 94% of drug seizures in the world are done by Iran.
The police chief said this indicates that Iran “has an important role in campaign against drug trafficking.