Schroeder says Iran is country of ‘brains’

February 21, 2009

TEHRAN – Former German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder on Thursday stated that Iran is the country of “resources and brains” and that there are considerable education programs in the country.

He also said Iranian women’s role in higher education is “undeniable” and that 60 percent of the country’s students are women, but many countries can not see this reality.
He made the remarks in a ceremony to open Neuroscience Center of Iran co-founded by Germany-based Iranian neurosurgeon professor Majid Samii.
Schroeder and his long-time acquaintance Samii, arrived in Tehran on Thursday.
Samii, who chairs the International Neuroscience Institute (INI) in Germany, was born in Rasht in 1937 and got his professor degree in neurosurgery at the age of 33. He received ""Friendship Award"" from Chinese prime minister.
Schroeder pointed out that Professor Samii has trained many neurosurgeons from all over the world and has established a new school in his field.
Although Professor Samii has been living in Germany for many years, his heart beats for Iran, the former German leader added.
“The foundation of Neuroscience Center of Iran does not just constitute an organization but it is rather intended to create motivation to gather people with various specialties in one place,” Schroeder noted.