GC extends verification of candidates’ credentials to 5 more days

May 16, 2009 - 0:0

The Guardian Council has extended its vetting of presidential candidates for another five days, its spokesman Abbas Ali Kadkhodaii told the Mehr News Agency on Friday.

He said since the five-day time was not enough to investigate the qualifications of 496 presidential candidates and therefore the council decided to extend it.
Kadkhodaii said the GC has informed the Interior Ministry of its decision.
He also said according to the law the Guardian Council’s declaration of the candidates’ qualifications will be considered ‘final’ and there will no room for ‘revision’.
He said the results of verifications will become clear on May 30.
Ayatollah Kashani asks presidential aspirants to name cabinet members
Ayatollah Emami Kashani called on presidential candidates to unveil their plans and name their cabinet before the June 12 polls.
“Candidates should announce their plans, express their views, and introduce their cabinet members,” Emami Kashani told worshippers in Tehran University campus on Friday.
He also called for huge turnout in elections, saying it will promote the “status of the Islamic Revolution.”
The cleric also called on the electorate to consider the qualifications that each candidate must have as suggested by the Supreme Leader.
He also called on presidential aspirants to observe election ethics
MP says Ahmadinejad must fire some allies
MP Alireza Zakani stated on Friday that prinicplists expect Ahmadinejad to replace four of his cabinet members including Vice President Esfandiar Rahim-Mashaii if he is reelected president.
Zakani, the director of the Followers of Islamic Revolution Society, said one of the society’s main goals is to make the system to work more efficiently.
Talking in a press conference, the MP noted that government and Majlis should restore their relations in the next Ahmadinejad’s administration.
Electorate expect candidates name their cabinets
Abolghasem Ra’oufian stated on Friday that the nation, especially the educated class, “rightly” expect the presidential candidates to name cabinet members.
Ra’oufian, the Islamic Iran Party secretary general, said the people need to know about the candidates’ economic, social, and foreign policy priorities so that they can vote more consciously.
Talking to the Mehr News Agency, Ra’oufian also predicted that the qualification of more than four candidates will be approved by the Guardian Council.
TV to broadcast 6 televised debates National TV will broadcast 6 debates as official presidential campaigns begin from May 21. Ezzatollah Zarghami, the TV director, also said that election programs have increased 30 percent in recent days.
Karroubi announces his priorities
Presidential contender Karroubi stated on Thursday that economy, foreign policy, citizenship and women rights form the cornerstone of his priorities if he wins the presidential campaign.
In a meeting with the leader of Armenians in Esfahan, Karroubi said that he is trying to build a prideful country.
Talking in the Technical University of Esfahan on Wednesday, he also said a candidate who has not worked within a party can not succeed even if he wins the votes.
On naming cabinet members, the contender said he has some views on the cabinet makeup but he has not consulted with anyone yet. He added that it is not advisable to name any person now.
Mousavi is ready for televised debates
Former deputy interior minister for political and security affairs Mostafa Tajzadeh stated on Thursday that Mir Hossein Mousavi welcomes televised debates.
He noted that reformists will face shortages in airing their views through radio and TV. He added that national TV has no interesting programs even as the election date is approaching.
Talking in a press conference in Ahvaz, Tajzadeh predicted that Mousavi will win the polls if more than 50 percent of people participate in the election.