Iran’s National Commission for UNESCO establishing two regional centers

June 21, 2009 - 0:0

TEHRAN -- Iran’s National Commission for UNESCO will be establishing two regional centers in Iran in the next few months.

The commission has conducted preliminary studies on establishing two centers for science and technology, and intangible heritage, Secretary General of the Iranian National Commission for UNESCO Mohammadreza Saeidabadi told the Persian Service of IRNA.
“Iran enjoys over 27 parks of science and technology, and launching a regional center affiliated with UNESCO is urgently needed,” he said, adding, “This center can act as a channel between technology parks across the country on one hand, and connect this channel to technology parks in Asia, Oceania and the ECO regions on the other.”
Saeidabadi also remarked that the center for studying intangible heritage would also be established for the rich heritage of Iran such as Noruz and its numerous other celebrations. This center would help promote and preserve the rich intangible heritage of the country.
In addition, two more departments would be added to the three previous departments affiliated to UNESCO, he expressed.
“A department of relations between industry and universities will be initiated at the Iranian Organization of Science and Technology and another department will be the department of entrepreneurship to be established at the University of Tehran,” he concluded.