Iranian students protest against Al-Sherbini’s murder

July 12, 2009 - 0:0

TEHRAN -- A number of Iranian students gathered in front of the German embassy in Tehran on Saturday to protest the killing of the Egyptian woman, Marwa Al-Sherbini, in Germany.

Marwa al-Sherbini, a 32-year-old Egyptian who was about four months pregnant and wore the hijab, had pressed charges against her neighbor for calling her a terrorist and was set to testify against him when he stabbed her 18 times inside a courtroom in front of her 3-year-old son on July 1 in Dresden.
The students chanted slogans “Death to the Zionist racist” and “Merkel, Merkel, Shame, Shame”.
They were also carrying placards saying: “Racism is always condemned”.
The students also read a statement in front of the embassy strongly condemning the horrible murder and called on all the free-willed persons around the world, especially the Islamic nations, to react to the killing of the woman.
The gathering was held at the invitation of the Office for Consolidating Unity, Basij students, and the other student councils.
Tehran citizens held a symbolic funeral for the woman on Friday.
The Iranian Foreign Ministry summoned the German ambassador to Tehran, Herbert Honsowitz, on Friday to protest over the murder of the young woman. Iran criticized the German government for its slow response to the shocking crime and stated that Germany is responsible for ensuring the security of minorities living in the country, including Muslim residents.
A German citizen who refused to be named told the Tehran Times that she was surprised to see the German TV networks were silent about the cruel murder while incidents with less importance are given wide coverage in this Western European county.