Iran marks International Quds Day

September 21, 2009

TEHRAN – People poured into streets in large numbers in different cities across Iran to mark International Quds Day on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan.

In Tehran, hundreds of thousands of citizens converged on the Revolution Square and the surrounding streets to show their solidarity with Palestinians who have been under Israeli occupation for more than six decades
Marchers were carrying placards saying, “Muslims Should Avoid Using Zionist Regime’s Products”, “Palestine Is Part of the Islamic World’s Body”.
Some Iranian children who were clad in Palestinian clothes carried the pictures of children who were brutally massacred during the 22-day strike on the Gaza Strip in January 2009, an attack which the United Nations has called war crimes and crimes against humanity in its report released this week.
Addressing marchers in Tehran University campus President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Zionist occupiers “have no religion”.
“These (Zionists) are neither Jew nor have religion,” the president noted. “They are against the divine religions.”
Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami who led the Friday prayers in Tehran said the only solution to the Palestine issue is to implement Iran’s initiative.
“In this plan every Palestinian has one vote,” the cleric noted.
The Iranian initiative calls for a referendum in Palestine under the UN supervision in which all Palestinians including Muslims, Jews, and Christians can determine their fate.
International Quds Day is an annual event in which anti-Zionist demonstrations are held across the world on the last Friday of Ramadan to protest against Israel’s occupation of Beit-ul-Muqaddas (Jerusalem) and other Palestinian territories. The event was first proposed in 1979 by the Founder of the Islamic Republic, the late Imam Khomeini .
Palestinians are not alone
Judiciary Chief Ayatollah Sadeq Larijani stated that the Palestinian nation should not feel lonely.
Ayatollah Larijani made the remarks during the Quds Day demonstrations on Friday.
He also pointed out that the International Quds Day is the symbol of the unity of the Muslims.
Defending Palestinians in keeping with Iran’s national interests
Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani pointed out that defending Palestinians is in keeping with Iran’s national interests.
“In addition to being a religious duty, defending the oppressed Palestinian nation is related to our national interests,” he stated in Qom Province on Friday.
Countdown to collapse of Israel has started
Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi, the top advisor to Supreme Leader on military affairs, stated that the countdown to the collapse of Israel has started.
The International Quds Day has always had a special status. However, this year’s demonstrations are very important due to the recent victories of Hezbollah and Hamas against Israel, he added