Seminar on Afghan Developments Opens at Tehran University

November 11, 1998 - 0:0
TEHRAN A seminar of surveying Afghan developments opened here at the law and politics faculty of Tehran University on Monday attended by Afghan Vahdat Islami Party leader Gulbuddin Hekmatyar. A university lecturer Pirooz Mojtahedzadeh told the audience that what is going on in eastern borders of the country as well as the ideopolitical and geographical subjects concerning Iran and Afghanistan are among issues which are hoped to be solved through mutual understanding.

Mojtahedzadeh said that transfer of Turkmen oil and gas via Afghanistan and affecting security of Iran's eastern borders are among reasons for the U.S.' interest in Afghanistan. Washington is trying to impose strategic restrictions on Iran following imposition of economic sanctions on the country, commented Mojtahedzadeh. Elsewhere in his remarks, Mojtahedzadeh said the footprints of Israel can be traced in Afghanistan. The entity is trying to see an ugly image of Islam is presented in Afghanistan. Pakistanis are trying to gain access to Central Asian markets through Afghanistan, said the Iranian academician.

Hekmatyar for his part said that Afghan nation are victims of competition between oil companies. The ongoing war in Afghanistan is imposed on the country from outside and it is in fact war among oil companies, commented Hekmatyar. (IRNA)