IRGC to test-fire two cruise missiles in war games

April 25, 2010 - 0:0

TEHRAN – The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps plans to simultaneously test-fire two cruise missiles on Sunday in the last stage of a war game.

Two missiles, one from the coast and another from the sea, will be fired at a common target simultaneously, IRGC Navy Commander Rear Admiral Morteza Saffari said on Saturday.
Naval, air, and ground units of the IRGC have been conducting a large-scale military maneuver in the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz since Thursday.
Saffari said four types of naval missiles will be test-fired during the last phase of the Great Prophet 5 war games on Sunday.
One of the missiles to be tested is the short-range Nasr missile, which is fired from the seashore and has the capability to destroy large vessels, he added.
In the fourth and last phase of the maneuver, which is to be held on Sunday, two cruise missiles will also simultaneously be fired at a common target.
The IRGC cruise missiles have the capability to fly near the ground and hit their targets intelligently and with great precision.
On Thursday, the radar-evading, rocket-carrying ship the Ya Mahdi was successfully tested for the first time.
A total of 313 speedboats that can fire rockets and missiles are also being used in the war games.