Cruise missile systems delivered to Iran’s Navy

January 4, 2011 - 0:0

TEHRAN – The Iranian Defense Ministry on Monday delivered domestically manufactured cruise missile systems to the Navy.

Maritime Industries Organization of the Defense Ministry has designed and manufactured these missile systems.
“Due to the vast expanse of our country’s coastlines and the necessity of safeguarding these areas, the Maritime Industries Organization was tasked with designing and producing various kinds of long-range and medium-range naval cruise missile systems, and we made great achievements,” Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi said at the delivery ceremony of the missile systems.
Each missile system has its own launcher as well as spotting and guiding systems, Vahidi said.
Deployment of these missile systems along the country’s coastlines enables the Navy to spot and destroy different targets at sea, he explained.
“Undoubtedly, using these missile systems will boost the country’s defense capability at sea and play an important role in maintaining regional security and stability as well,” he added.
Navy Commander Rear-Admiral Habibollah Sayyari also said that the delivery of these advanced missile systems to the Navy is a major step in line with the Supreme Leader’s guidelines to improve the national defense capabilities.