Persian Press Review

March 2, 2011 - 0:0

This column features excerpts from the editorials, commentaries, and news articles of the leading Iranian newspapers.

Tuesday’s headlines
JAM-E JAM: Supreme Leader says Islamic art arises from heart and religious belief
HAMSHAHRI: Minister of welfare and social security says retirees’ salary will be increased next year
IRAN: Minister of economy announces Iran’s foreign currency reserves reach $100 billion
MELLAT MA: Ex-IRGC chief Safavi says UAE is nearing Abu Musa Island with construction of artificial islands
SIASAT ROOZ: Next week the Assembly of Experts elects a new chief; Hashemi (Rafsanjani) and Mahdavi Kani to contest chairmanship
DONYA EQTESAD: Price of gold coin keeps increasing
SHARQ: Mahdavi Kani and Hashemi Rafsanjani to compete for chairmanship of Assembly of Experts
JAHAN EQTESAD: Full disruption of communications a new policy to counter sedition leaders, announces Judiciary spokesman
RESALAT: Minister of education says primary schools will be holiday on Thursdays as well
JOMHURI ESLAMI: Chairman of Libyan revolutionary government says we will not permit U.S. intervention
MARDOMSALARI: Iran’s oil reaches almost $110 per barrel as oil prices increase in global markets
Leading articles
TEHRAN-E EMROOZ in an analysis entitled “UAE Threatens the World!” quotes Brigadier General Rahim Safavi as warning that the United Arab Emirates by constructing artificial islands 10 kilometer off Abu Musa Island is taking provocative moves against Iran. For many years in various forums the UAE has claimed ownership over the three Iranian islands of Abu Musa, and Greater and Lesser Tunbs in the Persian Gulf. The building of man-made islands by the UAE is a surprising move which threatens Iran’s national interests. The construction of such artificial islands in short distance to Iran’s coastal borders contradiction international law. If building islands becomes a norm then no border lands will be secure and then countries can easily violate maritime borders. The editorialist says border disputes in any part of the world can greatly disrupt security in other parts of the world and then affect international security. Now many neighboring countries have border disputes and if they build artificial islands then we should wait for serious tensions in the world. The writer adds in order to prevent such moves spread to other countries it is necessary that the Islamic Republic of Iran officially ask the UN Security Council to seriously address the issue because such a move by the UAE is undoubtedly synonymous with the threat of world security.
KEYHAN in an editorial written by high profile journalist Hossein Shariatmadari says there are two opposite views toward some political figures’ detachment from the U.S.-Israeli engineered fitna (sedition) and its traitorous leaders. Some say an 18-month unjustified silence of some figures toward fitna is “tactical” while some others interpret it as a sign of repentance and a “return” to the principles of the Islamic revolution. The second group says their repentance should be welcomed and consider their 18-month silence an obvious mistake rather than a “political approach”. The writer says none of these two views should be rejected. Shariatmadari adds the point is that from now on the repentant figures should not be appointed in top and sensitive positions. He adds such an approach will also allay the concerns of people who have vigilantly resisted the 18-month fitna