Have we lost our children to technology?

March 10, 2011 - 0:0

Cell phones, texting, DVD's and computer games have become a way of life for most young people. For many children exposure to such technology now starts at the elementary grade levels - perhaps even earlier. Not surprisingly many people blame the current rash of school violence, bullying, child suicides, dropout rates, attention deficit disorders and the loss of traditional values squarely on this technology and all it brings with it. Unfortunately many parents and grandparents feel left out and left behind, unable to connect in a meaningful way with young people. Many parents and grandparents watch helplessly while others simply throw up their hands, unable to understand what is going on.

Bedtime stories, fairy tales and books were once core activities in regards to connecting with children, but much of that precious one-on-one communication has been lost as technology has taken center stage. Trenna Daniells believes that technology can instead actually enhance communication. Daniells, CEO of One To Grow On Audio Series, has created a full line of tools that will allow parents and grandparents to reconnect with their children and grandchildren in a meaningful way and will serve as door-openers to discussions about those core values and issues.
""I know I don’t stand alone,"" stated Daniells, ""in the outlook that our children are losing touch with the core values of their parents and grandparents. Unfortunately many of the values that children are formulating today are not providing them with the foundation they need to become functioning, well-adjusted, responsibly independent adults. As parents and grandparents we need to actively instill good values and promote strong family bonds. I think we all remember the wonder, magic and value of bedtime stories.
By sharing stories in which characters survive and prosper while facing adversity and challenges, it helps children to understand that they will survive too. By sharing these stories in a format in which children have a natural affinity, we not only open the channel of communication and reconnect, we allow young minds to engage their creative imaginations! Sounds like a good old fashioned storybook to me.""
These award winning bedtimes stories form a series of highly entertaining adventures, filled with engaging music and sound effects, that help children cope with growing up. The ideals and values imparted are time-tested, and the stories are delivered in a way that children get the message.
""As our lifestyles change,"" she continued, ""and more families have both parents working outside the home, grandparents are more actively involved in rearing grand kids. It becomes incredibly important to reinforce and reestablish strong family ties. We must approach our child-rearing with a new and different spirit. We must create a family atmosphere that doesn’t center on passive activities such as watching videos, TV and playing video games. I can’t overly stress the importance of building this kind of foundation and it is never too early or too late to start. Stories open a door of communication where children are more comfortable to talk about situations in which they are having difficulty coping. Audio stories open that magical world here we can realize we all create our own life's story."" (openpr.com