'U.S., UK liable for Bahrain crackdowns'

April 11, 2011 - 0:0

A Bahraini opposition group has lashed out at the United States and Britain for their roles in the brutal crackdowns on anti-regime protesters in Bahrain.

Both Washington and London have granted legitimacy to the Saudi occupation and the ethnic cleansing of Shia Muslim natives in Bahrain, the London-based Bahrain Freedom Movement said in a statement published on its website on Saturday.
The opposition group added that the Al Khalifa dynasty, Saudi Arabia and their American and British backers should be held responsible for the atrocities committed in crisis-hit Bahrain.
They should face charges including “war crimes, crimes against humanity, extra-judicial killings, attacks on civil liberties, violations of the rule of law, repressing all public freedoms and, most serious of all, genocide,” the group said on its website.
This comes as the crackdown by the Bahraini regime forces intensifies on anti-government protesters.
On Saturday, anti-government protests spread to villages of Daih and Eker, near the southern city of Sitra, and Bahraini police opened fire on demonstrators, injuring 32 people.
Reports say government troops have also stormed the town of Bani Jamrah, preventing residents from leaving their homes.
Meanwhile, the Bahraini Interior Ministry has announced that two protesters, identified as Rashid Zakaria Hassan and Ali Isa Saqer, have died in police custody after alleged physical abuse by Bahraini security forces.
Since February 14, Manama has been conducting a brutal crackdown on protesters who want an end to the rule of the Al Khalifa dynasty.
In March, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait deployed their troops to Bahrain to reinforce the armed clampdowns.
According to the state-funded BBC, the harsh crackdown has so far left over 30 people dead.
Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have condemned the Bahraini and Saudi regimes for the heavy-handed tactics against civilians in the Persian Gulf state.
(Press TV)