TV causes heart risks in children

April 30, 2011 - 0:0

Sydney, Australia (NEWSTABULOUS) – A study in the University of Syndey, Australia declared that six to seven year old children who watch a lot of television are at risk for heart complications, high blood pressure and diabetes in the future.

Children who watch more television tend to have narrower arteries in the back of their eyes, hence where heart problems and other serious health issues would come into play when they get older.
A study was done on 1,500 six to seven year old children in 34 elementary schools in Sydney, Australia. The average child spent 1.9 hours watching television with only 36 minutes of physical activity. Children that had more physical activities in their daily routines tend to have bigger retinal arteries at the back of their eyes.
Dr. Bamini Gopinath, a senior researcher at the Westmead Millennium Institiute’s Centre for Vision Research said:
“Parents need to get their children up and moving and off the couch.”
Gopinath explains that this bad habit of excessive hours of watching television leads to less physical activities, unhealthy diets and weight gain. Gopinath explains:
“We found children with a high level of physical activity had a more beneficial microvascular profile compared to those with the lowest levels of physical activity.”