Health Ministry backs expats, foreigners to establish science-based firms in Iran

August 16, 2015 - 0:0

TEHRAN – The Health Ministry is inviting expatriates and foreign investors to establish science-based companies in Iran, a senior ministry official announced on Saturday.

Hossein Vatanpour said the first seminar on basic medical sciences and knowledge products will be held from September 13 to 14 to study possible challenges facing such companies and find solutions to them.

It is expected that about 278 companies active in health science to participate in the seminar which would help pave the way for the advancement of technology in the country, Vatanpour added.

Now that Iran has agreed on a comprehensive nuclear deal with great powers, which will lead to the lifting economic sanctions against Iran, the Islamic Republic is focusing on quality of science-based companies as well as commercialization and export of knowledge.

An increase in the number of Iranian science-based companies in international exhibitions is one of the important steps in commercialization and export of science, he said.

He also said that some negotiations have been held with Turkey for further cooperation to transfer the related experiences of the two countries to the outside world.

The plan is, according to Vatanpour, to use the knowledge of scientists living abroad in the post-sanctions Iran.