Top Iranian Quran reciters confirmed dead in Mina disaster

September 30, 2015

TEHRAN – Top Iranian Quran reciters Mohsen Haji-Hassani Kargar and Amin Bavi have recently been confirmed dead due to the massive crowding that led to the deadly stampede last Thursday during the hajj pilgrimage in Mina outside the Muslim holy city of Mecca.

Haji-Hassani Kargar, 26, finished first at the 57th International Quran Reciters’ Assembly and Quran Memorizing, which was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia earlier in June.

A number of world-renowned Quranic figures, including Ahmed Ahmed Noaina, Muhammad Taha Abdul Wahab and Farajullah Shazli all from Egypt and Adnan al-Salehi from Iraq, have sent messages of condolences to Iran’s Quranic community and the bereaved families of the two prominent reciters.

Still missing are Iranian Quran reciters and memorizers Hassan Danesh, Foad Mashali and Mohammad-Saeid Saeidinejd who were also among the pilgrims, the Persian service of IRNA reported on Tuesday.

Over 200 Iranian pilgrims have so far been confirmed dead in the crush that claimed over 2000 lives.