Heart disease is the leading cause of women’s death in Iran

October 26, 2015

TEHRAN — Heart diseases are the first leading cause of death for women in Iran who age 30 to 70, an official at the Health Ministry has said, ISNA reported on Saturday.

Obesity and inactivity among Iranian women increase risks for heart diseases, especially coronary artery diseases, and these result in sudden and premature deaths, Dr. Motahareh Allameh said.

Pointing to the important role of women in family, she said it is necessary to take measures to prevent premature deaths among women, especially pregnant women.

“Life expectancy for women in Iran is 74 years old and we expect a woman to live at least for 74 years,” she added.

“We have witnessed an increase in average life expectancy for both men and women as in 2005 the average life expectancy for woman was 71 years and now it has increased by 3 years,” Allameh explained.

“Some diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure are usually diagnosable and treatable especially at the early stages,” she pointed out. “Self-care, timely diagnosis and early intervention would help avoid premature death.”

Heart diseases, cancers, diabetes and respiratory disorders account for 78 percent of deaths among women, she lamented, adding chronic diseases such as psychological disorders and osteoporosis are almost equally guilty.

Vitamin D deficiency is a very serious issue among Iranian women and intake of 50,000 IU is highly recommended for at least once or twice a month particularly for those who don’t get enough sun exposure, the doctor suggested.

Appropriate vitamin D intake will help prevent high blood pressure and osteoporosis and increase body balance, Allameh said.

49 percent of Iranian women suffer from obesity and 47 percent lack of movement and this needs to be dealt with quickly to prevent any further complications.