Leader to Italian PM: No tangible result from Europeans’ visit to Iran

April 13, 2016 - 12:56

TEHRAN – The Supreme Leader said on Tuesday while Iran has an “optimistic” and “positive” view toward Italy, the Islamic Republic does not have such a view toward certain European countries because they just act based on Washington’s “dictation.”

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei made the remarks during a meeting with Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi who made a landmark visit to Iran on Tuesday.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran welcomes expansion of relations with Italy in various areas especially in the sphere of economic cooperation,” the Leader of the Islamic Revolution noted.

The Leader went on to say that some European countries and their companies make visits to Iran and hold talks with Iranian sides “but the result of these talks has not been tangible yet.”

“Some put the blame on the U.S. which seems to be an acceptable assessment given their background and behavior as they [Americans] are not meeting their commitments in the nuclear talks and intimidate the other sides (countries) not to cooperate with Iran,” the Leader asserted.

“Our view in cooperation with Italy and your government is a different and positive view and we hope that this visit will strengthen this view,” the Leader told Renzi.

On the issue of terrorism, Ayatollah Khamenei said some European countries first supported certain “violent terrorist groups” and now the “dangerous and overwhelming wave” of terrorism has reached Europe.

The Leader further noted that the U.S. financial and military help to terrorist groups has created obstacles to countering terrorism.

Ayatollah Khamenei endorsed the statement by the Italian prime minister that fight against terrorism entails cultural and military campaigns as well as closing financial loopholes for terrorists. However, the Leader said, the big propaganda apparatus which are governed by Western politicians launch Islamophobia campaign under the pretext that a number of “wicked terrorists” commit vicious acts and thereby make “cultural campaigns” against terrorism difficult.

The Leader went on to say that some European countries and their companies make visits to Iran and hold talks with Iranian sides “but the result of these talks has not been tangible yet.”

For his part, Renzi said the sanctions against Iran should be fully removed now that the nuclear deal between Iran and the great powers has gone into effect.

Italy is resolute to respect the terms of the nuclear deal and “we believe that sanctions against Iran should be lifted… and we are determined to abide by the promise that we have given.”

He also said Italy prioritizes destroying ISIL, also called Daesh in Arabic.

“Uprooting Daesh is a priority for us and we are happy that we have common view with Iran in this regard.”

By referring to the fact that the flames of terrorism have reached Europe, he said countering terrorism entails military force and banning their financial resources from sale of oil and artifacts.

Elsewhere, he expressed regret over efforts to tarnish the image of Islam by blaming Islam instead of terrorism.

“Today when a terrorist attack happens in Europe certain official, instead of condemning terrorism, condemn Islam,” the prime minister noted.

In an indirect reference to the U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, Renzi said, “For example a U.S. presidential candidate blames Islam for terrorism.” 

He suggested that cultural efforts are also needed to counter terrorism.

He said “it should be shown that religions are seeking peace, dialogue and peaceful coexistence and the role played by Your Excellency as a supreme leader in the Islamic world in promoting this view is highly important.”



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