American Women's Tendency Towards Religion Increasing

March 2, 1999 - 0:0
TEHRAN Recent polls revealed that, nowadays, American women attach more importance to religion than in the past. The daily USA Today reported last week that, in 1992, only 32 percent of American women believed that their political leaders had to have religious beliefs and 63 percent believed in the separation of politics from religion. According to the latest reports, the percentage of American women who believed politicians should adhere to religious principles increased to 46 percent in 1998, while the percentage of those who believed in the separation of religion from politics reduced to 46 percent.

Although the main reason for such changes is still unknown, there is the possibility that the last year's developments in the American society such as Clinton's moral scandal have caused the American women to change their attitudes towards their politicians. The researches conducted on Clinton's scandal have so far cost millions of dollars, and they have caused the American people to criticize the American press for publishing details about Clinton's illegal relations.

Most of the American parents are worried about the future of their children because they believe that presenting such immoral matters will divert the young generation from the values of life.