Iran, Bulgaria to boost cultural ties

February 15, 2012 - 15:13
TEHRAN -- Iran and Bulgaria have signed agreements for boosting cooperation in the cultural, educational, scientific and sports fields.
Bulgarian Minister of Culture Vezhdi Letif Rashidov and Iranian Ambassador to Bulgaria Gholamreza Baqeri-Moqaddam signed the agreements in Sofia on Tuesday.
The three-year agreement has 44 articles which specify the cooperation between the two countries in different fields including culture, academy, education, sports and media.
At the meeting, Rashidov expressed his happiness over siging the agreement saying that it would boost cultural relations between the two countries.
He also explained about the rich Islamic culture prevailing in Bulgaria saying that the Louvre Museum dedicated a large part of the venue to their culture.
“This agreement should not remain as a mere document; the cultural activities as well as the educational and sport connections between two countries should be expanded,” he said.
He said that cultural relations sometimes are undermined because of political issues but culture is the best ambassador of every country.