Iran negotiating purchase of navy equipment from Russia

May 15, 2016

Tehran is negotiating the purchase of equipment for its Navy from Russia, Navy Lieutenant Commander Admiral Gholam Reza Biqam said Sunday.

Iran is interested in the purchase of naval equipment for marine rescue and relief, the official told the local Tasnim news agency. The negotiations are being carried out in the framework of contacts between the Russian and Iranian defense ministries.

He added that Iran was negotiating with other Caspian states on holding joint military drills.

The two countries stepped up their military cooperation last year after Iran reached a deal with six world powers to scale back its nuclear research in exchange for an easing of sanctions against it. The agreement softened the UN arms embargo, allowing weapons to be sold to Iran provided they are reviewed by the United Nations on a case-by-case basis.

(Source: Sputnik)




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