‘An hour with rangers’ to raise environmental awareness of students: local official

September 23, 2016

TEHRAN — “An hour with rangers” scheme designed to improve students’ grasp of environmental issues will be launched at schools in the city of Tehran, the director of Tehran department of environment has said.

Quite a few rangers are scheduled to attend schools to teach students some fundamental environmental issues throughout the school year, which began on September 21, Fars news agency quoted Mohammad-Hossein Bazgir as saying.

“We are also planning on doing the same thing for the students’ parents and teachers,” Bazgir noted.

University professors, rangers and members of the environmental NGOs will be teaching the aforementioned materials to the students, he added.

Besides there will be some camping trips to the protected areas for the students; he said, noting, some special programs are also overseen for environmental occasions such as Earth day or Clean Air Day.



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