Iran unveils 4 biotechnology medicines, stemming $600m outflow

October 28, 2016 - 17:48

TEHRAN — An Iranian pharmaceutical company has unveiled four domestically produced biotechnology medicines, leading to $600 million decrease in flow of money out of the country annually.

Biotechnology medicines are developed through biological processes using living cells or organisms, rather than the traditional chemical synthesis approach. They are large molecules that are similar or identical to the proteins and other complex substances that the body relies on to stay healthy. 

Iran’s Food and Drug Administration director Rasoul Dinarvand said the four drugs are used in treatment of autoimmune diseases, osteoporosis, infertility, and growth hormone deficiency and would save $600 million for the country per annum, IRNA news agency quoted Dinarvand as saying on Tuesday.

Dinarvand went on to say that the imported biotechnology medicines cost two to four times more than their homegrown counterparts.

Manufacturing such medicines inside the country is not an easy task to accomplish and entails great deal of knowledge and scientific expertise, Dinarvand highlighted.

In addition to the reduced flow of money out of the country the manufacturing the pharmaceutical company which produced the biotechnology medicines have created some 1,350 job opportunities, he explained.

“To some developed countries surprise we are also rightly proud to be able to export biotechnology products to other countries,” he added.

He further stated that currently the knowledge-based companies active in producing domestic medications can enjoy Health Ministry full support and have to take advantage of this ample opportunity.


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