Iran’s trade balance with U.S. positive in Jan., Feb. 2017

April 8, 2017

TEHRAN- According to the latest report of American Statistical Association (ASA), Iran-U.S. trade balance tipped in favor of Iran during January and February 2017, due to the sharp fall of the U.S.’ exports to the Islamic Republic.

In general, U.S. trade transactions with Iran witnessed a 44 percent decrease in the said time, the report confirmed. Iran-U.S. trade stood at $25.7 million in the named two months of 2017, while the figure was $46.2 million during the same months last year.

Exports of the U.S. to Iran in the said period was one fourth of that of the preceding year in the same time; in January and February 2017, the U.S. exported $12.2 million to Iran, while the figure stood at $44.1 million in the named two months of 2016.

Exports of Iranian goods to the U.S. hit $13.5 million in the same time span, registering 6.5 times growth, compared to the previous year, when Iran’s exports to the U.S. stood at $2.1 million in January and February 2016.


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