Ayatollah Khamenei says election was expression of confidence in the Islamic establishment

Great job in elections must not be ruined by dividing people: Leader

June 13, 2017 - 20:2

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said on Monday that great job of people in the May 19 elections must not be ruined by dividing the people.

“The great job of the people in the elections must not be ruined and spoiled with bickering and dividing the people,” he said during a meeting with the heads of the three branches of the government, the establishment’s officials and staff and a group of the country’s managers.

“The election was a major achievement and showed the power of the revolution and the depth of the influence of the Islamic establishment in the hearts of the people, although global media outlets make no mention of this important point at all in their extensive propaganda,” he said, according to the leader.ir.

The Leader described the valuable deed of all the participants in the elections as “the expression of confidence in the Islamic establishment,” saying, “The joint feat of the people, regardless of who they voted for, was that they ‘trusted’ the ballot box of the Islamic Republic and the massive movement stipulated in the Constitution, namely elections.”

Commenting on the U.S. moves in intensifying the sanctions and beating the drums of hostility more than ever after the Iranian presidential election, the Leader said, “Against these enmities, a new climate of cooperation, struggle and effort must be created for reading the common objective of ‘the country’s progress and promotion of the Islamic Republic’ and everyone must join in and have a share in this atmosphere.”  

‘My policy is supporting sitting administrations’ 

Elsewhere in his remarks, Ayatollah Khamenei said, “My policy has always been and will be supporting the sitting administrations and this will continue to hold true henceforth.”

He also said that the proper management of the country requires the establishment of “the criteria for decision making and decision shaping” and “the utilization of the experiences of the past 38 years”.

Elaborating upon the criteria for correct decision making, he pointed to “national interests” as the main criteria. 

“Of course, national interests are truly national interests when they are not in contradiction with the national and revolutionary identity of the Iranian nation.” 

The Leader said that Iran’s national identity is shaped upon the three elements of “being a Muslim, being a revolutionary and historic depth”.

He noted that the country’s national interests must not be placed under foreign imposition.

He said, “The officials of the country, whether the honorable administration, the Judiciary, the Legislature and all of those making macro decisions, must avoid any decision that is suspected of being incompatible or at variance with the Revolution and the history of the Iranian nation.”   

Elsewhere, the Leader said that arrogant powers use different means to impose their will on other countries.

“One of these tactics is the fulfillment of the interests of the arrogant powers under the title of ‘international norms’, so that through this approach they would accuse independent and anti-tyranny countries of violating norms,” Ayatollah Khamenei stated.

‘Coalition against Daesh is a lie’

Ayatollah Khamenei went on to say that the U.S. played an important role in forming Daesh and said that the claim of forming a coalition against the terrorist group is a lie.

“The claim of forming a coalition against Daesh is a lie; of course, Americans are against ‘an uncontained Daesh,’ but if anyone would want to truly destroy Daesh, they (Americans) will counter them,” the Leader remarked.

The Leader cited the U.S. president’s recent allegation that Iran supports terrorism and violates human rights as an instance of norm-fabrication in order to ensure the interests of the arrogant powers.

He added, “It’s truly ridiculous that the Americans speak of human rights alongside the tribal and medieval Saudi rulers and level allegations against the Islamic Republic, which is the manifestation of democracy, at a place where there is no trace of democracy and this will remain as a historic stain of disgrace upon their foreheads.”

Leader calls ‘bipolarization’ of the country dangerous

In other parts of his remarks, Ayatollah Khamenei said a “bipolarization of the country” and “bisection of the people” is a dangerous experience.

“In the [Persian calendar year] 1359 (1980-1981), the then president bipolarized the society and divided the people into two groups of opponents and proponents. That experience must not be repeated,” he insisted.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution described “an open distancing [oneself] from the enemy” as facilitating national unity, adding, “The officials must seriously distance [themselves] from the foreign enemy and its internal agents.”  

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