IRGC: Hatami’s leadership promises increasing deterrence power

August 21, 2017 - 20:27

TEHRAN – The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has offered congratulations to Brigadier General Amir Hatami as new defense minister, saying his leadership of the ministry heralds promoting “national defense power” and “deepening deterrence power”.

In its Monday message, the IRGC underlined the need to promote the country’s defensive capabilities, especially its missile power.

“Undoubtedly, your presence in this vital post, together with the endeavors of the previous ministers, promises the reinforcement of the Defense Ministry’s approaches and plans to further develop and upgrade the Islamic Republic’s defense industry,” the message read.

The message also emphasized the need to empower the resistance front (coalition of Iran-Syria-Hezbollah) to counter proxy wars and takfiri terrorism in the region.

It also said that the IRGC is ready to help the new defense chief in strengthening the country’s defense industry.

Hatami started his tenure as the defense minister on Sunday, after receiving the strongest vote of confidence from the parliament, with 261 yeas, 10 nays and 13 abstentions.

Plans for more accurate and destructive missiles appeared atop a priority list Hatami took to the parliament hearing on Thursday.

“The missile program is definitely one of the most important priorities of the Defense Ministry in the upcoming four years,” Hatami told lawmakers.

“The enemy is stationed in the region, brings weapons to the region and tries to damage the country’s defensive might, but we have set objectives in our plan to counter the move,” he explained.

After the parliament gave him the green light, he said the Islamic Republic’s missile program will go ahead relentlessly, vowing to continue the country’s defense activities.

“[Iran’s] missile program will proceed according to the approved plans,” Hatami told reporters on Sunday following the first cabinet session of the newly-formed government.

Responding to a question about certain countries’ pressure on Iran to stop its missile program, he said such activities “would not be affected by any type of pressure.”

The defense minister vowed to strengthen the defense industry “with utmost power”, stressing the Islamic Republic “will not allow any suspension in the work of the Defense Ministry even for one day.”


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