Electricity generation capacity rises 610 MW in Iran

September 2, 2017

TEHRAN- The nominal electrify generation capacity has increased 610 megawatts (MW) to 77,038 MW in Iran since the beginning of current Iranian calendar year (March 21, 2017), Tasnim news agency reported on Friday.

Iran's nominal electricity generation capacity will reach 80,000 MW by summer 2018, according to Iranian Deputy Energy Minister Houshang Falahatian.

The country increased its electricity generation capacity by 2.199 gigawatts (GW), boosting it to 76.302 GW, in the past Iranian calendar year, according to a report by Iran Power Grid Management Company released in late March.

Gas-fueled power plants accounted for 75.5 percent of the increased generation capacity, equaling 1.66 GW.

Combined cycled power plants, hydroelectric power plants, distributed generation power plants, and renewable energy power plants also accounted for 14.6 percent, 3.4 percent, 5.7 percent, and 0.9 percent of the total rise in the country’s electricity generation capacity, respectively.

Private sector accounts for generating 60 percent of electricity in Iran, the previous Energy Minister Hamid Chitchian announced in Late July.


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