La Liga on Twitter: “Thank you, Fatemeh!”

October 29, 2017

La Liga went on Twitter to thank talented Iranian painter Fatemeh Hashemi for her amazing illustration of La Liga superstars.

She has wowed the football world by producing the incredible portraits of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Antoine Griezmann with just her feet.
Fatemeh Hamami has recently uploaded a picture on Instagram of her incredible illustration of the Real Madrid and Portugal superstar Ronaldo.
The disabled artist is an avid football fan, having also painted a remarkable drawing of Iranian football legend Ali Daei.
“Fateme Hamami proves that with talent, courage and determination you can overcome almost any obstacle! Thank you, Fateme!” Laliga posted the message to its official Twitter account.
More amazingly, 85 percent of her body is paralyzed.
Hamami has also received appreciation from the World Citizens Organization (WCO).
WCO President Young Hoon Kwaak, took time to visit Fatemeh in her home in Iran.

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