Iranian Air Force stages last day of drills

November 1, 2017 - 20:40

TEHRAN – Iran’s Air Force on Wednesday morning staged the second and last day of its military exercises in the central province of Isfahan.

In the second day of the war game, codenamed Fada’ian-e Harim-e Velayat 7 (Death-defying Defenders of Velayat’s Sanctuary 7), the Air Force’s Sukhoi Su-24 and F-4 fighter-bombers destroyed the moving and stationary mock targets.

Brigadier General Massoud Roozkhosh, a spokesman for the air force, said on Wednesday the Sukhoi Su-24 fighter-bombers test-fired KH-25 missiles with pinpoint accuracy, Tasnim reported.

F-5 and MiG-29 fighter aircraft also carried out ground shooting exercises, Roozkhosh said, adding attack drones, employed in reconnaissance operations, also hit their targets precisely.

On Tuesday, General Roozkhosh had said various defense systems and weapons developed or upgraded by academic and industrial centers and the Ministry of Defense were going to be showcased during the two-day drills.

Different kinds of homegrown missiles and bombs, including smart heavy and semi-heavy bombs as well as laser and radar-guided missiles, would be used in the war game, he added.

Dozens of the Air Force’s Sukho-24, F-4, F-5, F-7, F-14, MiG-29, and Sa’egheh (Lightning) fighter bombers, interceptor and refueling aircraft as well as manned and unmanned reconnaissance planes, Boeing 707 and 747 cargo planes, and logistical aircraft were involved in the war games.

Also the missiles used in the drill were of the laser-guided, television-guided, radar-guided, and thermal types.

Iran’s Air Force holds annual war games in a bid to boost capabilities to defend the country’s airspace.


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