Pishran Zamharir Aseman receives award for 2017

November 11, 2017

Pishran Zamharir Aseman Co., a settled company at Isfahan Science and Technology Town (ISTT) received the Asian Science Park Association’s award for 2017.

The company received the award for its developed technology on Cryogenic Tanks that make the storage of sub- temperature liquids including liquid Oxygen, Nitrogen and LNG possible.

These liquids have temperatures ranging from -150 to -196  C making their storage require the use of special tanks. The tanks that store the liquids need to incorporate two shells with appropriate insulation preventing the penetration of heat to the inner storage area. The material used to make the inner walls of the cryogenic tanks needs to be compatible with the Cryogenic Liquid and thus is usually stainless steel.

ASPA annually holds this competition among the nominated companies of its members to promote the commercialization of knowledge-based technologies, and to help in the effort of attracting international partnerships and finance to these companies.

ISTT hosts 488 knowledge-based companies which are working in many field of industries including Energy, Medical, Agriculture, Gas & Oil, …. 
This year the 21st conference of the Asian Science Park Association (ASPA) was held in Vietnam.

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