Gasoline online: Iranian firm develops app to place orders

November 19, 2017

TEHRAN — An Iranian company has developed an application which enables users to place orders online for gasoline.

The application will be piloted in Tehran within a month, IRIB quoted the National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company marketing manager Mohammad Reza Mazloumi as saying. 

The application has received the Oil Ministry’s approval, Mazloumi added.

The gas delivered by the application is sold at the same price as gas stations with an added cost charged for delivery services, he noted.

Very much like ride hailing applications the user can put an order for gas by choosing his/her destination and the costs will be calculated depending on the location; once the user approves the order the nearest tank truck will transport the gas to the given location. 

The tank trucks are expected to start supplying the orders from the beginning of the Iranian calendar month of Day (falling on December 22) in the metropolis of Tehran, Mazloumi highlighted. 


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