By Hanif Ghaffari

Why did Trump insult Africans?

January 17, 2018

TEHRAN - The President of the United States ridiculed African-American immigrants in his vicious statements, insulting them in the worst way possible.

The White House authorities, and Donald Trump in particular, have been reluctant to apologize for his insults to colored people. The main question is why Trump has made such statements in the beginning of 2018 and only a few days after the start of the year? Does he pursue a specific goal?

The answer to this question is "Yes"! Donald Trump came to the end of 2017 with his popularity decreasing to around 32%. This diminished popularity, at the one hand, darkens the prospect and the possibility of Trump's victory in the 2020 presidential election and his re-presence at the White House, and on the other hand, provides grounds for widespread conflicts between the Congress and the White House. The results of the polls suggest that Democrats can easily defeat the Republicans in Congressional mid-term elections and take over the majority of the Senate and even the House of Representatives. In such a situation, the President of the United States has committed a kind of political suicide so that he may get out of this whirlpool. Trump's intention of this political suicide was reassembling the power of racists and nationalists in the United States for winning the Congress mid-term.  During the past year's unrests in the United States, Trump also expressed his support for racism which was welcomed by extremist groups.

The fact is that Trump looks at racists and extremist nationalist groups in the United States as his political and social wealth. During the 2016 presidential competition and through winning these racist groups votes, Trump managed to win electoral votes in some key states like Florida, and could eventually defeat Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party. In other words, Trump made the racist votes his own by emphasizing on the "revival of American power". The President of the United States is currently attempting to repeat the experience of the 2016 presidential election in the Congress mid-term elections. Trump knows that the Republican defeat in the Congress mid-term elections will be an introduction to his failure in the upcoming presidential election and thus, his departure of the White House.

Now, Trump has once again sought to mobilize his political infantry. Trump knows well that the racists need to be motivated to continue supporting him! As a result, he attempts to meet the needs of his fans with occasional insults and offensive statements against colored people. However, Donald Trump's remarks on African-American immigrants have not only been announced accidentally, but they have been deliberately targeted and motivated. The motive which once again, removed the mask from the face of the racist President of the U.S. and his supporters.

Why Is Obama Silent?

Recent remarks by the U.S. President Donald Trump on African-American immigrants have led to anger and dissatisfaction all over the world. These statements have been made while Trump has already shown similar behavior seeking the racists' satisfaction. During the unrests in some of the U.S. states, Trump addressed the protesters to racism with the worst possible words, which led to the reaction of many politicians. One of the people who was supposed to take a firm stand against recent remarks by Trump was Barack Obama. Obama, as the first black president in the United States, could have taken a responsible approach against the recent statements by the U.S. president, but he has not yet taken any positions against Trump.

Meanwhile, merely some few of the US sites have published an old interview of Obama (which was made months ago). In this interview, the former President of the United States, has simply advised other U.S. authorities to be careful about their behavior and speech! There are lots of facts about Trump's remarks. As mentioned before, Trump is seeking to gain permanent support of American racists. But this concern has become even more prominent this year since the Congress midterm elections are ahead, and if Republicans fail in this competition, Trump will lose his hope for remaining at the top of the political and executive equations of the United States.
However, Obama's silence against Trump can't be understood. During the 2008 presidential competitions in the United States, many of the black and colored Americans came to the scene and voted for Obama. These votes helped Obama win Hillary Clinton and become the Democrats' final candidate. In other words, if it wasn't for the support of the colored Americans, Obama would not be able to overcome Hillary Clinton and find way to the final round of the presidential campaigns in 2008.  Again in the final round of the presidential election, Barack Obama had the support of black and colored people. Eventually, Obama succeeded in defeating John McCain, his rival candidate from the Republican Party. Obama entered the White House with the slogan of "change," but eventually failed to make any differences in macro policies, and even in the United States medium and short term policies. He practically followed the path of George W. Bush and other former U.S. presidents, and proved that "change" was only a false slogan. Even in the fight against racism, Obama didn't take any serious actions against the U.S. police and its violence against the blacks.

It wasn't without a reason that many American voters were disappointed with Obama and the Democrats by the end of 2016. This disappointment was one of the main causes of the lack of active participation of black and colored Americans in the 2016 presidential elections. Obama is still silent against the racist remarks of Trump. This is despite the fact that many American citizens were waiting for the incisive stance by the former U.S. President against Donald Trump. However, Obama once again proved that his slogans in supporting all American citizens and specially respecting all ethnic minorities were nothing but lies.

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