By Abir Bassam

While waiting for the American “Godot”

November 9, 2020 - 10:25

The world has been following the American elections step by step. By the 8th of November, the results were finally declared. A new president is elected for the United States. For the last two weeks, the world had been living in a state of anticipation. 

It is a critical period for those whose faith concurs with the results; for the others, it is just another pair of shoes! As the late Fidel Castro used this metaphor to explain the difference between Democrats and the Republicans. 


world media were busy, counting the states and adding the numbers of the Electoral College members. No one can deny that Donald Trump has really brought an outstanding interest in the American elections. He initiated the belief among many that the faith of the world is now connected to one of the pair of shoes. 

Certainly, no one denies that the U.S. is one of the powerful countries in the world, it has the biggest fleet in the world, the highest technology…etc. But in reality, there is no difference whether the world is ruled by either of the biggest political parties in it. At the beginning of this millennium, Afghanistan and Iraq were invaded. The two countries were turned into ruins, during a Republican president period, but the plans were set by Pearl Document during the Democratic period in 1996.

The same applies to the succession of neo-wars that swept away through the Arab region in the name of the Arab Spring, which started during the ruling of Barack Obama, the Democratic president. The wars destroyed the economy, the security, the culture, and the families through a vicious war led by terrorist groups that were created and nurtured by the American administration and its allies in the region. The strategy was planned by Samuel Huntington to re-divide West Asia and Northern Africa, which was approached by the deep state in America, in order to secure the American interests in the region, and eventually the Israeli security.

The elections race which was flash news all around the world, only substantiates how desperate the world is. Eventually, the change will not be reached by the coming American president. Waiting for the change to come with the American elections, reminds me of the change two men Vladimir and Estragon, were waiting for once Godot would come back, in a play written by Samuel Becket, titled: “Waiting for Godot”. 

In the play, the two men were sitting and discussing the things they need to do. They were desperate to make changes and run errands. However, one of them was literally beaten and the pain in his feet was about to kill him. The other was in constant move around the room. Nonetheless, the two men till the end of the play did not leave the premises and kept on waiting. 

Godot never showed up! At the end of the play two main impressions were given, the first a huge shadow appeared on the wall and the two men were about to have a heart attack. The second was the fall of the last leaf of a tree that was placed behind the chair where one of the characters sat until the end. 

Basically, this is what the world should be expecting to get at the end of the U.S. elections. Whatever results are going to be, it is going to be for the best interest of the American system. Even though he has lost the elections and no longer able to reap the fruits of his labor, Trump during his ruling has paved the way for the coming American president. He relocated the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, signed normalization and confession agreements between “Israel” and three Arab states, and he canceled several agreements with different states. 

It is not Trump who took such a critical decision. Most likely, it is the deep genuine state in the U.S. that pushed towards such decisions. It is represented by the U.S. National Security Council and the international corporations. These two entities are the backbone of the deep state in the U.S. Hence, pushing towards revising or canceling treaties with the hope to get a better perspective is decided on a deeper level that goes beyond the president. This can be applied to the nuclear agreement with Iran or to the trade agreements with China or the World Trade Organization. For example, if the nuclear agreement with Iran was revived, it would include discussions over the ballistic missiles or the Iranian arsenal. 

We should not lose compass and make a mistake; Biden is actually another Trump with a more appropriate suit. He was the vice president during Obama’s ruling that created, financed, protected, and trained terrorist groups such as ISIS and Nusra. It was established to serve the best of the American interests and might continue to do so in further plans in the future.

Now that, this has been said, it would be stupid to think that change to our region or to the world will be a gift granted by electing Joe Biden as the new president of the United States. The American elections are only meant for the American people. It is meant to represent American democracy for the Americans. It expresses the Americans’ need for change. However, whoever the president is, he needs to represent the American interests outside the U.S., period! For America to change its priorities within its foreign policy, this requires different erudite and independent solidarity within the international policies driven by the international community to redirect the interests of the USA.

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