Bioethanol an option to counter air pollution in big cities

April 29, 2018 - 19:36

TEHRAN – One of the measures to fight air pollution is producing and using bioethanol fuel instead of gasoline, the secretary of biotechnology committee affiliated to Presidential Directorate for Science and Technology has said.

People living in polluted cities like Tehran, Isfahan, Tabriz and Mashhad should be encouraged to use bioethanol, ISNA quoted Mostafa Qane’i as saying on Friday.
Iran has the required capacity to produce bioethanol fuel, he highlighted.

Touching on the fact that many advanced countries are using bioethanol, he went on to say that using this environmental-friendly fuel in Iran requires national determination. 

Bioethanol is a clear liquid which is created by fermenting sugars and starches found in agricultural products. Sugarcane is the most commons source of producing bioethanol, however, it can also be produced by other plants such as potatoes, corn, beets and rice and other grain crops.

The type alcohol produced in the fermentation process is the same as the one found in alcoholic beverages but certain denaturants are added to ensure that it cannot be sold or consumed as such.

There are two main benefits listed for using bioethanol fuel. First, compared to gas and coal, it is a renewable source since plants can be cultivated and processed every year. Second, gases emitted by this biofuel are biodegradable; when burned, bioethanol releases the same amount of carbon dioxide as that which was collected by the plant sources when producing the fuel. The carbon dioxide is then absorbed back into plants and the natural cycle continues, meaning that it is much better for our environment.


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