Meshgin-Shahr home to 200 historical forts 

May 26, 2018 - 21:28

TEHRAN – Ruins and remains of over 200 historical strongholds and fortresses have so far been identified across the city of Meshgin-Shahr and its surroundings in Ardabil province, northwestern Iran.

“Such numbers of defensive fortifications chronicle previous history of this county while the oldest of which is being identified in Shahar Yeri, an archaeological site that dates back to 2600 BC,” CHTN quoted Moharram Jafari, the provincial tourism chief, as saying.

Jafari added that study, rehabilitation and revival of the ancient forts is being carried out regularly in order to attract credit.

Meshgin-Shahr embraces a variety of tourist attractions, including spa complexes, ancient bas-reliefs, Islamic structures and a massive suspension bridge. The region is also one of the main jumping-off points into the towering Mount Sabalan.


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