By Abdulhamid Bayati

A wolf That wants to be sheep!

June 12, 2018 - 11:0

TEHRAN - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who traveled to Europe last week, to persuade the EU leaders to exert pressure on Iran, has all of the sudden become worried about the dearth of water in Iran.

In Iran's history, we cannot find a more hostile foe than the Zionist regime. To understand their root cause of their animosity, there is little need to go through history books as this fake regime has fully demonstrated hostility towards Iran.

The annual high costs of the AIPAC lobby [American Israel Public Affairs Committee] meetings in the U.S., centered on false reports on Iran and incitement of U.S. policymakers against Tehran, is only a trivial example of their hatred for the Islamic Republic. The Zionist group also holds extensive consultations with leaders in different countries to exacerbate the pressure on Iran.

Assassins of Iranian scientists in recent years, have spared no effort to bring nuclear negotiations to a halt, to jeopardize the fate of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, JCPOA, to stimulate the international community on Iran's defense capability, and attack Iranian advisers in Syria. They have a special espionage training for operations inside Iran, sponsoring cyber-attack on Iranian installations in the past years etc.

Netanyahu’s ‘clown performance’ is aimed at exacerbating pressure on Iran. Speaking at the UN General Assembly, the Zionist prime minister illustrated childish and ironic paintings to provoke other states against Iran.

Now, at the height of hostility with Iran, Netanyahu has suddenly become a caring friend who is trying to identify himself as a savior of Iran’s problems like water shortage.

There, he released a video message announcing the launch of a site to solve the water problem in Iran.

Israel prime minister emphasized the willingness to transfer this knowledge to Iran and the Iranians, claiming that Israel was “the initiator of the world's largest drip irrigation”, and stressed that Zionist has “wealth of knowledge” to confront Iran’s environmental catastrophe.

While Netanyahu spoke of friendship with Iran, he failed to mention that his actions and measures against Iran in the past years, has been negatively affected Iranians’ life.

The Zionist regime played a significant role in the adoption of anti-Iran resolutions by the UN Security Council and imposition of international sanctions on Tehran. Therefore, as the video message suggests, Netanyahu's new weapon against Iran this time is on creating divisions between the nation and the government.

Netanyahu has perhaps mistaken the informed and knowledgeable Iranian people for the gullible Arab nations, or forgotten the history of Iran. What remains certain is that the Zionists are Iran's sworn enemies and as a result, Netanyahu's new show, addressing one of the problems in Iran, can’t erase the Zionist malicious intent from the minds of the Iranian people.

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