By Ramin Hossein Abadian

Iron dome; from mythology to falsehood

August 14, 2018 - 11:29

TEHRAN - Zionist officials have pretended to have the largest, most powerful and advanced missile defense system. It is known as the Iron Dome, and it is not what it’s cranked up to be.

The Zionist authorities may have to dump the Iron Dome missile system in the battle against the resistance front. This Zionist system on various occasions has shown its ineffectiveness against missile attacks, whether from occupied lands or from Syria.

Many political analysts and the Zionist media have no other choice but to acknowledge the ineffectiveness of this defensive system. Acknowledgments are something that the Zionist authorities have been mostly silent about, because the Zionist have tried to hide the problems.

Although the Zionist military organizations try to hide the ineffectiveness of the Iron Dome defense system but analysts and Israeli experts have repeatedly stated that this system is a lie that the army wants to impose on the Israelis and the world, which has led to widespread disputes in the Zionist military circles and has damaged the gun industry.

Israeli Defense Aviation Engineer and winner of the Israel Security Prize, Muta Shifter has announced that the Zionist Army is still seeking to promote and market this faulty system in other countries, thereby billions of dollars it benefits.

But he has admitted that the Iron Dome is primarily an audiovisual representation that cannot deal with anything real, and all the explosions that are observed and heard are due to the self-destruction of the missiles in flight. The Iron Dome defense system does not have much ability to destroy a hostile missile, if any.

Meanwhile, several media of the Zionist regime have recently pointed to the ineffectiveness of the Iron Dome. The Zionist newspaper “Calcalist” wrote: “The Israeli Iron Dome defense system, located near Gaza, has tracked only 30 Palestinian rockets from 180 rockets fired by Hamas and other Palestinian groups.”

Referring to the missile attacks of the resistance groups, Israeli television channel “KAN” also wrote that scores of people were wounded, most of them Thai workers in the settlements around Gaza.

The Zionist newspaper Maariv has quoted Alon Davidi, mayor of the southern Israeli city of Sderot around Gaza, as saying, that the settlers are very afraid of the current situation neither war nor do peace and are constantly live in fear. All of these media believe that the Iron Dome defense missile system not only increase security in the occupied territories, but because of its ineffectiveness, a wave of fear has dominated the ranks of the settlers.

In addition, the head of the Zionist council of Ashkelon previously acknowledged that the system did not have the ability to neutralize the missile and mortar attacks of Palestinian groups. He answered this question in response to the attacks on Zionist settlements and raised the alarm in neighboring settlements near the Gaza Strip and explicitly acknowledged the inadequacy of the system.

However, Gadi Yarkoni, head of the Eshkol Regional Council, admitted that the Iron Dome was not able to prevent Palestinian attacks because of the absolute number of mortar shells. He emphasized the need to consider a new and different defense system.

In any case, what seems to be quite clear is that the Zionist regime's analysts and media perceive the reality of the propaganda lies of the Zionist authorities.
It should also be noted that Hezbollah has repeatedly challenged the Iron Dome defense system, too. Hezbollah has thousands of missiles pointed at Zionist occupied territory.

“Our air campaign is proud to fly planes hundreds of kilometers in a radar-filled area; while the Zionists boast about their airspace being inextricable,” said Secretary-General of Lebanese Hezbollah.

The Israeli Interior Front commander, Isaac Gershon, has said about the Iron Dome system pitted against Hezbollah missiles: “The Iron Dome system…will never be able to cope with more than 120 missiles.” This demonstrates that advanced Hezbollah missiles remain a serious threat to the Zionist regime's security.

Tesfika Fogel, the former Israeli commander of southern Palestine, says: “The effectiveness is very exaggerated and that Zionist citizens in occupied Palestine should not have much hope for it.”

Therefore, cannot blame the public for seeing the Iron Dome defense system as a big joke.

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