By Alireza Mohammadi

U.S. economic sanction affects European security

August 26, 2018 - 10:50

TEHRAN - The U.S. is pursuing its unilateral and oppressive sanctions against Russia, Iran, and more recently, Turkey, with specific and insidious objectives. These sanctions can have a number of significant economic consequences on the countries affected as well as the region.

One of the major goals of Washington is to jeopardize the West Asia and the Caucasus region by imposing sanctions regime. For doing so, it targets the three countries, Iran, Russia and Turkey, which are in fact productive and high-capacity countries.

Workers from the poorest countries of the region work there to provide for their families. Now, with sanctions, we are witnessing the return of a huge number of young people and workers to their homeland or their migration towards European countries.

When Russia was sanctioned by U.S, many of the Central Asian youth returned to their country due to the rising cost of living in Russia.

After the return of these young population to their homeland, these countries face the youth unemployment crisis and poverty.

The young people are easy prey for the terrorist and Wahhabi groups who are fed up with the Persian Gulf states and earn low wages.

The falling of Turkish lira against the dollar is among the U.S. goals to insecure the West Asian region.

With the depreciation of the Rial against foreign currencies, especially dollar, many young Afghan workers have fled from Iran. But with regard to unemployment and poverty in Afghanistan, many of these youngsters are expected to be recruited into terrorist groups such as the Taliban, al-Qaeda and ISIS.

In addition to targeting the economy, the U.S. will engage Russia with insecurity in the region of Central Asia and the Caucasus, such as Wahhabi and Salafist Islamism and terrorist movements, which will take a lot of resources from Russia to tackle it.

On the other hand, the Silk Road, which China seeks to revive, will be threatened to blow the Chinese, who have recently made major investments there.

By sanctioning Iran, U.S. intends to impose uncertainty on the Iranian economy, block foreign investments and cause poverty and unemployment in the country.

However, any unrest in West Asia, Central Asia and the Caucasus would affect the whole world. Most of these terrorist groups consider the U.S. and Western civilization as their first enemy.

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