Iran to hold IT award ceremony

August 26, 2018 - 17:3

TEHRAN – The Iranian Research Institute for Information Science and Technology, known as Irandoc, will hold the fourth IT award ceremony in November.

During the event, the best products and services in the field of IT will be introduced and prized, Irandoc head Sirous Alidousti said.

The IT award ceremony, which will be held concurrent with IT managers’ congress, aims to introduce technological and innovative achievements of Iranian researchers and experts.

“The congress is the only interdisciplinary event in the field of IT, which discussed IT products from commercial as well as social aspects,” Alidousti said.

IT experts and companies producing IT products are the main participants in the congress, he said.

Alidousti said that the congress also provides a great opportunity for the winners to introduce their works to the domestic IT market.

Achievements and production in different IT-related fields including products, software, hardware, network communications and facilitation provided for IT services in order to be applicable in cultural and social issues can submit their works to the secretariat, he concluded.


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