Innovation network set up for drones, UAVs

July 26, 2019 - 11:1

TEHRAN – The vice presidency for science and technology has set up an innovation network for commercial drones and unmanned aerial vehicles, Mehr reported on Tuesday.

The network aims to connect industrialists, professionals and knowledge-based companies active in the field of designing and manufacturing drones and UAVs.

Technological development, production, and services are different sections of the network. The technological development section is underway in Iranian universities with an eye to the future.

The network also aims to provide facilities and expand the market for knowledge-based companies active in this field.

Entering the international market and creating brands for drones and other products are other aims of the network.

The use of drones in some of these sections was originally completed using helicopters and airplanes. However, these are expensive to hire and not always available when they were required.

Rescue, marketing, filmmaking, firefighting, site surveying, parcel deliveries, imaging structures, precision agriculture, family fun occasions, lighting concert shows, counting stockpiles, search and rescue, weather patterns, environmental conservation, insurance, policing and sports are some of the uses of the drones.

The future market of commercial drones

According to the Flatworld Solutions website, the massive growth in the commercial drone industry has opened several opportunities for companies to try out new applications and find ways to improve their business operations. So, what does the future hold for the commercial drone industry?

The drone sales will massively increase from $8 billion in 2015 and reach and a staggering figure of $12 billion by the year 2021. Consumer drone shipments will increase almost up to four times by 2021 which will be driven by increased price competitions and newer features to make it easier for the beginners.

Drone flying will get safer in the future with new technologies such as collision avoidance and geo-fencing coming up.


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