By Javad Heirannia

Europe able to resist U.S. sanctions on Iran, but unwilling to do: Chomsky

September 2, 2018 - 11:11

TEHRAN – Noam Chomsky asserts that Europe is able to resist U.S. sanctions on Iran, but will probably be unwilling to do so.

In an exclusive and yet short interview with the Tehran Times, the renowned U.S. academic also says Europe is unlikely to confront with a “very dangerous U.S.”
Following is the text of Tehran Times’ interview with Chomsky:

Q: Some argue that the European Union law cannot protect Iran against the impact of U.S. sanctions. In other words, the law is a new version of the "Blocking Statute" that the European Union approved in 1996 to protect Cuba against U.S. sanctions. In your opinion, how much this law is effective to protect Iran against U.S. sanctions?

A: It could be effective if the EU were willing to employ it, but that would mean a direct confrontation with a very dangerous U.S., which Europe is unlikely to be willing to pursue.

Q: Previously, in 1996, without the European support, the U.S. put sanctions on Cuba. Is Europe now able to resist U.S. sanctions against Iran?

A: It’s not at all clear that Europe did not accept the Cuba sanctions in practice, whatever they may have said in words.  Europe is able to resist U.S. sanctions, but will probably be unwilling to do so.

Q: In Europe companies have the right to choose where to do business activities, and Europe also does not want to restrict their freedom. Does the EU can push the companies to work with Iran? How the EU can force the companies to cooperate with Iran?

A: Probably not, but the situation is unlikely to arise.

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