‘Iran provides infrastructures for e-government’

September 24, 2018 - 17:52

TEHRAN – Iran already enjoys infrastructure for electronic government, Information Technology Organization of Iran (ITO) Secretary General Mehdi Faqihi told the ILNA on Friday.

“However, we show weakness in joining the state-run organizations to the e-government network,” he lamented. 

The e-government is based on citizens’ demands and inquiries, he added.

It provides a bilateral relationship between government and citizens, which means that the services are verified according to the feedbacks provided by the users, Faqihi explained. 

He urged state-run data centers to have a good cooperation between other organizations in order to perform the e-government in Iran.

For example, the judicial system and the Law Enforcement Forces do not cooperate with the e-government because of their concern about personal privacy of citizens, he said.

“However, such problems can be solved by an appropriate and safe websites of the organizations which provide electronic services to citizens, which is possible with the aid of the technical section,” Faqihi stated. 

Mobile Government in Iran

The first phase of e-government services project in Iran officially came on stream under the title of ‘Mobile Government’ in mid-May 2018.

The project aims to facilitate some government services, reduce unnecessary expenses and ease traffic jam, which is the main cause of air pollution in big cities.

It is based on the National Information Network, an ongoing project to develop a secure and stable infrastructure network in the country.


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