By Javad Heirannia

Trump's speech at UN not have any surprises: Hunter

October 2, 2018

TEHRAN - Shireen Tahmaasb Hunter, a professor of political science at Georgetown University, tells the Tehran Times that that Trump's speech at UN “did not have any surprises.”

“He touched upon familiar themes, including his determination to reduce America's commitments to others especially if they do not keep U.S. interests in mind,” Hunter tells the Tehran Times.
Following is the text the interview:

Q: Due to the Trump’s speech at the United Nations General Assembly that he pointing to Opposition to Iran, how are you evaluated his speech?

A: Trump's speech did not have any surprises. He touched upon familiar themes, including his determination to reduce America's commitments to others especially if they do not keep U.S. interests in mind. He showed that he is determined to reach some kind of agreement with North Korea. He did not have much to say on the Middle East and he repeated his past positions on Iran.

Q: Some believe that globalization means becoming a American, but Trump said in his speech that he is against globalization because globalization has been cause an abuse of the United States, why is Trump opposing globalization?

A: Globalization does not mean becoming American. Globalization refers to the free movement of capital, free trade, irrespective of its impact on national economies, a lax approach to immigration and cultural and political internationalism. Many both in America and Europe believe that globalization has negatively affected the lives of the more vulnerable sectors of their societies while enriching others. In America globalization has led to the flight of manufacturing industries to Mexico and other third world countries leading to severe unemployment problems in some states in the U.S. Trump wants to change this situation. Limits on Chinese imports is part of this strategy.
Trump also believes that lax immigration policies has been altering America's cultural landscape. Other right leaning groups in Europe also have similar views. They believe that societies are in danger of losing their core identities. In short, Globalization is best defined as internationalism in economics and culture as opposed to a more nationalist outlook.

Q: Trump said in his speech that U.S. will cut UN peacekeeping budget, This U.S. decision what impact will have on peace in different regions of the world?

A: If other members of the United Nations cover the shortfall caused by U.S. cuts, then Trump's decision will not have negative consequences for peacekeeping operations.

Q: Trump's critique of OPEC and High oil prices, does it will cause the United States confronts with allied countries, such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates?

A: The Saudi decision not to lower the price of oil will certainly affect Trump's perception of Riyadh as a valuable ally. It also will show the limits of Saudi ability to help advance America's policies in the region. However, Saudi refusal so far, will not cause a serious confrontation between the two.

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