By Setareh Behroozi

Iranian startup waves magic wand to run errands

October 12, 2018 - 20:24

Some days you feel that you need more than 24 hours to handle paperwork, run errands and carry out chores! Or imagine you should process a paperwork in another city, when you don’t have time to travel or it is hard for you to sojourn in a city you have never been before.

These days you may look for someone to follow your works. This is a wish, which Nina Nikoobakht, the founder of a startup, fulfills.

The startup for your errands

The Iranian startup is now giving services in handling paperwork and some errands in Tehran. It covers the affairs related to insurance, required paperwork for university students and administrative bureaucracy follow-up works.

The startup platform connects you with skilled manpower to help you with errands, so you can be more productive, every day.

Actually we provide a service for all errands done by fully vetted manpower, who are most of the time university students, retired employees and those who are interested in following up errands, startup founder Nina said.

She said that some special buying and medicine are amongst their services already.

“For example the startup offers services to those customers in other Iranian cities who want to buy something in Tehran without traveling to the city. 

The trust of our costumer and the quality of our services are of high priority for us, she said. Hence, all manpower undergo extensive background and identity checks, she added.

The costumer registers his or her errand on the website with details on time and location and one of the manpower will be assigned to do it. The customer is informed about the procedure via the website.

The business aims to save time and energy of customers, which is wasted by standing in line and commuting and to create time for pleasure activities like being with families and do favorite things, more important to have a relax mind.

“Actually things are starting to fall into place and we plan to expand our startup in other cities and also add some services in near future,” she said.

“Our target society is composed of people who don’t have enough time, capability or information about running an errand, which includes elder people and those who are very busy,” she explained.

Although most of paperwork have not very clear cut framework and time and cost may be changed during the process, Nina added.

Regarding some economic problems Iranian deals with these days, she said that her startup challenges to assign fair price for the services, she said.

The startup founder Nina Nikoobakht explains about her startup at the Smart Tehran Congress in March 2016

A woman who wishes to make people feel better

Born in Isfahan, Nina, 30, has a master’s degree in chemical engineering and had a successful career in her profession.

“However I came to conclusion that I didn’t want to continue my life as an employer and want to explore other worlds as an entrepreneur,” she said in an interview with the Tehran Times.

“Gradually I attended startup events and some courses in order to find my new way of life,” she said.
Her adventure was completed with her migration from Isfahan to Tehran.

“You know, I believe that there are a lot of works that you can do in other cities than Tehran but Tehran is the cradle of startups in Iran,” she said.
In Tehran, the entrepreneurship ecosystem is stronger than other regions, she believed.

She said that her family disagreed with her decision.

“They asked me to think twice about changing my job. They thought that if I changed my career I would lost all years of studying and professional working. However it is not true, I use all the experience and knowledge achieved during those days in my new job,” she added.

“However I always wish to be in touch with different people and can provide a service to make people feel better,” she added.

She said that she wrote down her ideas in a notebook and then thought about them to make them came true.

With the help of her husband Mehdi Pishghadam, a small team conducted research for running the startup during the previous Iranian calendar year 1396 (ended March 20, 2018) and it officially began its work in March 2018.  

An employer who turned into an entrepreneur

One should remove many obstacles to turn into an entrepreneur. Actually, the formation and growing of a little business is a hard work, Nina said.

“I can name the motivation, perseverance and interest as great elements, which can help you to be a successful entrepreneur,” she said.
Study, study and study… this is one of the main keys to be a successful entrepreneur. Reading books on related issues, having knowledge about entrepreneurship ecosystem of Iran, being acquainted to people who run startups are great for beginning an entrepreneurship project, she suggested.

Being an entrepreneur gives you a chance to build the business you like and then sit back and relax and enjoy your own business, she concluded.


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